2014 Humanitarian Hero Dang Thuy Hanh

LOCATION: Hanoi, Vietnam
POSITION: Programme Officer

“I work with vulnerable migrants, including victims of trafficking, victims of gender-based violence, who are very sensitive and often lose hopes in life and trust in the community. It has always been a challenge to bring hopes and trust back to them, and empower them to regain fire in the heart.”

For Dang Thuy, being a humanitarian worker simply means bringing happiness to vulnerable people.  As a programme officer for IOM, she has worked on gender-related projects, empowering migrant women and helping victims of gender-violence and trafficking to reintegrate into the community. 

In her work, she hopes to help people regain their confidence, gain skills and empower themselves. She knows that migrants face a variety of challenges, and her goal is to help them to a better future. 

“The most rewarding part of my work is to see how the vulnerable migrants have changed, from being withdrawn, reticent, self-stigmatized and lack of confident into self-confident, more knowledgeable, more active and optimistic. It is also encouraging to see how the supported migrants become community leaders and take positive impacts on the whole community as well.”