Ayan Esse’s story

With her 2-month training and sewing machine, Ayan Esse opened her own tailoring shop. Photo: IOM/Saed Mohamed 2015

Unemployment is a challenge for Zeylac youth. Without job opportunities in their community, youth can become disillusioned and may undergo dangerous migration in search of work. To create job opportunities for Zeylac’s unemployed youth, IOM Somalia supported the district government to provide a 2-month vocational training for 23 young men and women, which took place in November-December 2014.  Implemented by HAVOYOCO, the training subjects included business management, tailoring, and electricity.

On 16 February 2015, the Zeylac administration – supported by IOM Somalia – provided equipment and tools for the participants to start small businesses. The equipment included sewing machines, cloth and other materials. Ayan Esse is one of the participants who already started a small tailoring shop in Zeylac.

“I had always wanted to learn sewing and tailoring, so when I heard that the local government was recruiting trainees to study sewing, I applied and was selected. In just two months, I was able to learn enough skirts and hijab designs to begin sewing clothes. This week, I sold some of my designs to three women.”

Hinda Abdillahi Hussein, another woman who participated in the training is better able to support her family. “I am very thankful to my government for changing my life and giving me the support to help my family. It is a new day for me and my children. My husband is jobless and I hope that our life will be better,” she said. After receiving the training and equipment, Ayan and Hinda feel more confident and are now recognized in their families as capable breadwinners.