Ireland Shakes to Afro-Shamrock Hip Hop!

St Patrick was Migrant. More than that, Ireland’s patron saint, whose feast day is celebrated across the world today was a victim of trafficking, kidnapped from France and brought to Ireland as a slave, where he tended sheep on a lonely mountain.

Migrants’ Rights Must be Upheld to Help Combat Human Trafficking

The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is an important moment to show solidarity with the many victims of human trafficking around the world.

Three Necessary Steps to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals on Human Trafficking

A person cannot be a possession. A child should never be a commodity. Human trafficking is a serious crime and a gross violation of human rights and dignity.

Evidence-based Strategies Needed to Combat Human Trafficking

In 2013, the United Nations General Assembly designated the 30th of July as the World Day against Trafficking in Persons to raise awareness about the severity of human rights violations that trafficking victims endure and acknowledge that human trafficking is a crime that affects all countries in the world.

Getting the Public Involved in the Fight Against Human Trafficking with Technology

By Reuben Lim

Last week on one hot June afternoon in Bangkok, a regional conference on human trafficking took place at the Shangri-La hotel. The setting at first glance seemed nothing out of the ordinary for an event of this sort. A grand conference room in a five star hotel crowded with national delegations, NGOs and international organisations.

But one thing stood out – Microsoft, a multinational technology leader, had not only joined this conference on ICT and human trafficking but actively contributed towards shaping the conference and bringing it to life in partnership with six International Organizations including IOM, UN-ACT, UN Women, UNICEF, USAID and UNODC.

Vulnerable Migrants in Papua New Guinea Need Protection

Interview with Joe Saferius
Technical Cooperation Assistant at the IOM
Vulnerable Migrants Assistance Unit
22 April 2015

“Human Trafficking is closer to you than you think but protection exists”

Human trafficking takes many forms involving coercion, deceit and exploitation. IOM recently met a victim and this is his story. The witness explained that two years ago he worked in Henganofi in Eastern Highlands Province with nine other people digging the ground in search of gold with the promise of receiving a Land Cruiser each. It was, as is common in the region, a verbal agreement based on good faith and trust in the contractor. After three months of intense hard work from sunrise to sundown, a 20 meter deep tunnel was dug and two “hair conditioner containers” were filled with gold nuggets and given to the contractor who paid the workers ten kina each, and later vanished without ever meeting his contractual obligations of compensating the workers with the promised vehicles.

Eyewitness to Unspeakable Abuse

By Leonard Doyle

The fate of eighty thousand Ethiopians who risk their lives every year trying to get to Saudi Arabia and the promise of a better life has been put in vivid focus by a report on Newsnight, BBC television’s flagship news programme. The disturbing report highlights the remarkable humanitarian work of IOM staff caring for the traumatised migrants.   

The fine line that every photographer must walk

By Ray Leyesa

“A still photograph stops time. It gives the viewer a moment to think, to react, to feel,” says acclaimed photojournalist Renee Byer as she described the power of pictures in storytelling.