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How the Diaspora Contributes to Development in Cameroon

The ‘Sisters Hospital’, as it is known locally in Yaoundé, Cameroon is situated on Ngvobeti hill, one of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in the city. You have to drive up and down the hill through dusty dirt roads to get to its entrance and yet, those who come to the hospital for medical care rarely arrive by car. Most simply walk and sometimes they arrive too late, when there is little that can be done but pray.

When you have nothing, you dream of everything

This is Chaker Khazaal's story as told to Florence Kim in January 2016


Imagine a place with broken buildings, broken roads, electrical wires hanging; where there is neither electricity nor clean running water. Imagine that you have lived there for years. In fact imagine you were born there. Imagine that every day, you and 25,000 other individuals are facing what might be an unknown reality to us, but is their daily reality.

Helping Vulnerable Migrants Return Home: Kebede’s Story

Kebede (name changed) was a student in Grade 11 in Wokru, Mekele, Ethiopia, when he began contemplating a journey to Europe in search of a better education to help him realize his dream of becoming a software engineer. After deliberation, Kebede decided he had no choice but to leave his country and attempt to travel to Europe via Sudan and Libya in 2014.

He met some friends in school who were also considering leaving Ethiopia for similar reasons. “This made me happy as I felt that I had found partners,” Kebede recalls.