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Addressing the Refugee/Migrant Crisis, the Canadian Way

Canada is well known for many things – maple syrup, hockey, snow, and perhaps mostly for the kindness and politeness of its people. It should not then come as a surprise that while the world is struggling to find solutions to a growing migrant and refugee crisis, the Canadian government and people seem to have found an innovative approach to expressing their compassion and fulfilling their obligation – the private sponsorship of refugees.

Recipe Sharing Blog Raises Voices of Women Refugees in the U.S.

While many would view women's empowerment through accomplished and successful careers or their right to whether or not bear a child, Becky Allen has chosen to give voice to female refugees in the U.S. by offering them a platform to share their food recipes. 

Allen created a website called Taking Refuge in which she pairs female refugees’ stories with recipes. The website was launched in January 2015 and currently counts 13 recipes and stories of female refugees.