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Return to Normality on the Cards for Sri Lanka's Tsunami Survivors

If you happen to visit the southern Sri Lankan town of Matara one of these days, it’s more than likely you’ll bump into a group of bright-eyed youngsters clutching white envelopes. Smartly turned out in jeans and T-shirts, they have a purposeful look about them. And if your guess is that they are on a mission, possibly canvassing for some cause, you’re not very far off the mark.


Worried about tomorrow while freezing today

Faqir Hussain Shah’s weary eyes follow the queue of people receiving relief deliveries in Narra, a small town on the bank of the Kunhar River near Balakot. With snows and rains making life more difficult in the unplanned camp where his family is now living, Faqir has arrived to join the 425 other villagers picking up winterization kits to help keep their families dry and warm. With two more months of winter left in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, the help is welcomed, but worries remain.