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Migrant Women and Development: Challenges and Opportunities

On the occasion of the visit of H.E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, First Lady of Egypt, to Geneva, the Director General of IOM,  Brunson McKinley, and the Permanent Mission of Egypt in Geneva held a roundtable in Geneva on the challenges and opportunities facing migrant women in today's mobile world and their increasing role in the development of both countries of origin and destination.


Life as a Displaced Person in a Sudanese Camp

Khor Omer is a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the El De'ain county of South Darfur, a state in the western region of the Sudan. It is a hot dusty place comprising rudimentary shelters for about 20,000 people who fled the violence of Sudan's long-running civil war. It in no way resembles the neat layout of tents that most people associate with a refugee camp. IDPs are the responsibility of their own government and don't have access to the international protection afforded to refugees. Nor does assistance to IDPs attract the kind of funds that refugee programmes do.


Buenos Aires / Bucharest, a Long Road Home

Back in the late 90s, it was common to see them in the streets of downtown Buenos Aires. The porteños* were used to other migration flows, but with astonished looks they wondered how these strange-looking people, with gipsy attire, dark skin, braided hair, and speaking an unfamiliar language, would strive to obtain a coin from them in exchange for the performances of their small children who played the accordions and who, little by little, turned their own melodies into tunes more associated with tango and the local rhythms.