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Buenos Aires / Bucharest, a Long Road Home

Back in the late 90s, it was common to see them in the streets of downtown Buenos Aires. The porteños* were used to other migration flows, but with astonished looks they wondered how these strange-looking people, with gipsy attire, dark skin, braided hair, and speaking an unfamiliar language, would strive to obtain a coin from them in exchange for the performances of their small children who played the accordions and who, little by little, turned their own melodies into tunes more associated with tango and the local rhythms.


Among the Lucky Ones - Sudanese Migrants Evacuated to Khartoum

They sat in Damascus airport’s “old” terminal in sombre clumps of fives and tens, clutching small suitcases that contained the remnants of their lives in Lebanon. For most, the journey to the crowded departure lounge involved a combination of desperate driving in rented vehicles they could ill-afford, long walks around destroyed bridges, overnight stays on congested border crossings, and days spent in a temporary housing facility in Syria.


On the Way Home: Displaced Lebanese Return from Syria

Nine-year-old Malak watched with interest as her mother and grandmother bid a tearful goodbye to friends. For the past several weeks, they had sheltered at the Ramleh school, about 200 kilometres from the Syrian capital Damascus. Malak’s family is among some 180,000 Lebanese who fled to Syria in the wake of the conflict. About 110,000 of them are reported to have already returned home since the ceasefire was announced earlier this week. Many of those who remain in Syria lack the resources to make their way back.