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Back and Forth: A Photography Exhibit of Informal Cross Border Traders in Southern Africa

Teeming with shoppers, traders, truck drivers, and local residents, the main road that runs through Musina, a town situated 10km south of the South Africa-Zimbabwe land border, is a bustling centre of activity. One Saturday, in 42-degrees Celsius heat, there was a particular buzz around the large local supermarket, Spar, and the smaller shops across the street. The reason: over 40 photographs pinned up on the flag poles of the parking area in front of the supermarket and at the shopping arcade across the street.


Assistance for Children Victims of Human Trafficking in Haiti

After the death of his father, Daniel was torn from his sobbing mother to work in Port-au-Prince to alleviate the family's extreme poverty. In one of the capital's many shantytowns that suffer from neglected infrastructure and income-generation needs, a poor "host family" recruited Daniel as unremunerated domestic labor to fetch water from distant distribution points, among other tasks.