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The Department of Migration Management and the ICT Division have successfully completed the rollout of the Project Information and Management Application (PRIMA) that facilitates the administration of the IOM Development Fund (IDF) and its projects, throughout their life cycles.  

Migrant Application (MigApp)

The ICT Division, in coordination with IOM thematic areas, are pursuing the development of a global mobile project called MigApp.

MigApp offers a central and user friendly, one-stop-shop application where migrants can log on to using their mobile phones to access readily available information and services relevant to their specific migration process.


MigApp logo finalised-01


IOM Guatemala Develops a Mobile Application for Migrants in Crisis

As part of IOM Guatemala’s pilot programme, Migrants in Countries in Crisis Initiative, a special mobile application was developed and deployed for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to provide consular services and assistance to migrants in the event of a crisis. This cutting-edge software can be installed in cellphones and other mobile devices, and enables direct contact between migrants and Guatemalan consular agents.