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Platforms for Collaboration and Mobility in Support of Productivity

Adapting to technology is just as important as technology itself. For every organization that celebrates technology as a means for efficiency and productivity, it is imperative to always be prepared for the continuing wave of technological advances and changes. In this regard, it remains true that technology has created great platforms for internal and external communication which have enhanced collaboration within organizations and with external stakeholders.

AVRR Online: A Web-based Application for Submission and Management of Voluntary Return and Reintegration Requests from Belgium

The AVRR Online application is a fully functional web-based platform created for a variety of stakeholders involved in the Voluntary Return and Reintegration Programme managed by Fedasil, a Belgian federal agency responsible for the reception of asylum seekers. The tool replaces a long-standing paper-flow process by making electronic submission and management of return and reintegration applications possible.

A Message from the CIO

It feels like yesterday, when having a browser – to connect and to collaborate, was the most exciting thing. And yet here we are today, in the so-called fourth industrial revolution, where mobile technology is driving businesses. It is driving the way we connect, interact, and socialize.

In 2017, we want to make it the year where we bring mobile technology to IOM. This will allow the Organization, migrants, and governments to interact, exchange, and acquire knowledge on migration through mobile technology.