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Migration: Global Report on Journalism’s Biggest Test in 2015

An international report on media and the global migration and refugee crisis, issued to coincide with International Migrants Day on December 18th, says journalists often fail to tell the full story and routinely fall into propaganda traps laid by politicians. The report, Moving Stories, is published by the Ethical Journalism Network and reviews media coverage of migration in the European Union and in 14 countries across the globe.

From Syria to Canada, with Hope for a Better Future

“It’s really hard to leave my family behind, but I’m doing this for my baby,” Nour (27) says as she holds her 5-month-old baby boy, Nathalio in her lap. Her husband, Shadi, holds her hand. They are making the journey of a lifetime – 9,380 kilometers and 7 time zones from Aleppo to be exact. The young family is amongst the lucky ones who have been selected for resettlement in Canada. Having lived in Beirut for eight months, a church in Edmonton has sponsored their resettlement and a chance at a new life.

Water Pumps and Sanitation Tools Support Community Efforts to Tackle Floods in Jowhar District, Middle Shabelle

The Middle Shabelle Region in Somalia suffers from recurrent floods which threaten community life, property, and livelihoods. Flooding negatively affects hygiene and sanitation, causing the spread of diseases such as cholera. In Jowhar, Middle Shabelle region, heavy rainfalls due to the recent El Niño phenomenon have left many communities flooded and isolated.