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Migration in the News | 14 October 2015

Media Monitoring Highlights

  • IBT, Al Jazeera, DPA News, Europe Online and Xinhua all cite IOM data in reports on migrant flows in the Mediterranean, with estimated 2015 arrivals in Europe reaching a record 600,000 this week.
  • IRIN reports on the most prevalent myths about refugees and migrants arriving in Greece. It cites IOM data.
  • Deseret News features 2015 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Rev. Mussie Zerai and his work helping migrants trapped in deserts and boats drifting at sea. IOM data is cited.
  • Catholic News Service reports that Greece is bracing for thousands more migrant and refugee arrivals despite worsening weather and colder autumn temperatures. IOM data is cited.
  • The North German public TV station NDR interviewed IOM’s Frank Laczko, Head of GMDAC, during the Global Economic Symposium in Kiel. According to Frank Laczko, the system needs to be changed in order to decide about war refugees differently from economic migrants.

Trending on the Internet 

  • The Economist: Higher migration levels means lower public-sector borrowing figures and is one of the reasons why migration to Britain is a good thing.
  • A new UNDP report reveals that despite a drop since 2014, migration levels in Central Asia are likely to see a marked increase in the coming decade.

Quote of the Day

"Turning the migration challenge into opportunity for all requires good migration governance; a broad, durable consensus among a wide constituency; coherent, coordinated policies among partners." IOM Director General William Lacy Swing at the Graduate Institute Geneva Challenge. Read more here


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