Contest Mechanics

Creative Mapping Competition for Climate Change Consciousness Week

The Maptastic + Greeneration Creative Mapping Competition aims to tap the vibrant, creative energies of the youth to educate communities on the issue of climate change in the Philippines.  The Philippines is especially vulnerable to climate change, ranking third among 173 countries in the World Risk Index according to the World Risk Report 2012 released by the United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security and Alliance Development Works.

This means, year after year, families are uprooted and forced to migrate as a consequence of extreme weather events.  The Philippines has a well-established institutional framework for disaster management, including comprehensive risk mapping mechanisms.  Because of the scale of the problem, a gap of comprehension still remains between government-led and private sector-led initiatives and the most vulnerable communities.

IOM in cooperation with the Climate Change Commission (CCC), the sole policy-making body of the Philippine government on climate change, and host the Maptastic + Greeneration Creative Mapping Competition, with climate change, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and climate adaptation as its central theme. The joint project is a strategy that is geared towards helping communities adapt to the projected effects of climate change.


Contest Mechanics:

  1. The contest is open to one (1) Filipino high group of students per school, and only one (1) entry can be submitted pre group. A group should be composed of a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 students.
  2. The group will create a Creative Map that must illustrate a Filipino barangay, highlighting key areas, establishments, local sights or anything that makes the group proud/inspired by their community.
  3. The Creative Map must also highlight areas/factors that make the barangay vulnerable to the effects of climate change (i.e. rivers, low-lying areas, bridges, etc.) and locations that are key for CCA and DRR.  An accompanying guide to the effects of climate change to the Philippines and climate change adaptation strategies will accompany the contest mechanics to assist the students with the creation of their entries. 
    • Technical Specifications for Map Submissions:

      Photoshop: Files must be saved as an uncompressed JPG, in CMYK, and has a minimum resolution of 300dpi at A0. Make sure the file is “flattened” so that any fonts or effects will not be lost.

      Illustrator or Corel Draw: Files must be saved as a PDF or EPS, and in CMYK. All fonts need to be converted to outlines. It is always safest to “save down” the file to the lowest possible Illustrator version (ie. CS1) in order to make sure there is no corruption of the files once Spacing receives it. Please note that any photo files that are embedded in your Illustrator file must be in CMYK and have a resolution of 300dpi.

      Other Image Editing Programs:  If you use other, please be sure to save your entries as an uncompressed JPG, in CMYK, and has a minimum resolution of 300dpi.

  4. Groups must submit an accompanying short essay about what is special/inspiring about their community, what the environmental threats are and how they think they can adapt to climate change.  Essays may include up to 3 pictures with accompanying short captions.  Up to 1 picture on tourism / community sights and up to 2 pictures on how climate change has affected the community, or how the community is adapting climate change can be used.  The essay body must not exceed 300 words.
  5. Both creative map and essay files must be submitted in one email to the Maptastic gmail account:  Use the subject line ‘Greeneration + Maptastic Creative Mapping Entry.  In the email body, please state your group name, the names of your group members and the barangay covered by your map.  And then, attach the Creative Map and essay to the email, using the following file format:
  6. Participants must like the CCC and Greeneration Facebook pages and follow the CCC and Greeneration’s Twitter accounts.
  7. Entrants must promote the contest by sharing their entries to their network on Facebook and Twitter (i.e. For Facebook: I have entered the Greeneration + Maptastic Creative Mapping Competition! Click this link to see my entry.) **For Twitter posts, add the hashtag #GreenerationMaps
  8. Criteria for judging:
    • Map Accuracy - 40.0%
      Creativity - 20.0%
      Essay - 30.0%
      Online Votes - 10.0%
      Total: 100.0%
  9. Deadline: The deadline for map submissions for the Greeneration + Maptastic Creative Mapping Competition is 13 February 2014.
  10. Selection of Winner: A panel selected by CCC will use the judging criteria presented above.
  11. Prize: The winning entry’s school will receive a special prize from IOM and CCC.
  12. Rights of Work: The entrants own the rights to their work. However, by joining the contest, they agreed that their photo and/or video entries may be used in IOM and/or CCC initiatives in the future.