Hargeisa Group of Hospital Neonatal Wing Brings More Hopes to Mothers and their Babies in Somaliland

Health care delivery in Somalia is in critical state with some of the worst health indicators. WHO estimates 61 per 1,000 new-born infants die within their first month of life which is the highest neonatal mortality rate in the world.

IOM Somalia Bids Farewell to Frantz Celestin, LMHD Programme Manager

Somalia - My ten-year journey with IOM has taken me to many difference places, through which I have interacted with this world’s wonderful people and experienced their culture to the fullest.

IOM Somalia Rebuilds Women Livelihoods in the Gedo region of Somalia

The nearly over two decades of conflict in Somalia destroyed infrastructure and social systems leading to shocks such as price fluctuations, poor rainfall, potential eruption of resourced-based con

Equipping Somalia’s Youth for the Labour Market

Over the last two decades, Somalia has constantly been on the news, all for the wrong reasons. We often hear of Al Shabaab attacks and the term ‘failed state’ is invoked so often as if it’s Somalia’s second name.

Solar Lanterns Empower Female Migrants in the Puntland State of Somalia

Decades of conflict, insecurity, and consequent displacements put women and girls in Somalia at high risk of gender-based violence (GBV) including domestic violence, female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriage.

IOM Somalia Mobilizes Communities to Address Human Trafficking in the Puntland State of Somalia

Puntland State of Somalia: Human trafficking is a global issue that continues to affect many societies around the world.

David J. Phillion, Field Security Officer, Retires After 44 Years in Service

Life, as we know, is full of choices and decisions. One of the most difficult decisions I have made was deciding to retire after 44 years of working full time, six of which were working for IOM as a Security Officer.

Improving Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance in Somalia

IOM Somalia has just concluded its first training on Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) for core focal points, team leaders and support staff members who have been selected to roll out the tracking

IOM Somalia Supports Organizational Development in Somaliland's Ministry of Justice

As with most public institutions, Somaliland’s justice sector has suffered immense challenges in terms of physical structures and human capital.

Improving Access to Health and Service Delivery in Bosaso and Garowe Towns and Its Environs in the Puntland State of Somalia

While there has been positive progress in Somalia’s health sector, the Puntland state of Somalia still faces enormous challenges especially in the delivery of better health services as envisaged in the ‘Somali Compact’ and the ‘New Deal Initiative’.

Capacity building of Somaliland Office of the Accountant General’s Staff brings improved capacity and better service delivery to the public

Established in 1993, the Somaliland Office of the Accountant General (OAG) has over 100 employees in its head office in Hargeisa (Somaliland) and eight offices spread across six regions in the coun

World Braille Day Celebrated at IOM Rehabilitated Waaberi Multipurpose Ground

The collapse of the Siad Barre regime and ensuing conflict which engulfed Somalia left much of the public infrastructure in Mogadishu in ruins.  In Waaberi District, the lack of multipurpose ground