IOM Tajikistan Newsletter

NGOs Learn New Ways To Stop Trafficking In Persons

Bishkek – September 2-3, 2013. Approximately 50 NGOs from all five Central Asian Republics gathered in Bishkek to share best practices and local experiences countering trafficking in persons and assisting victims of trafficking. Prior to the event, IOM staff in each of the Central Asian Republics conducted national consultations with partner counter-trafficking NGOs in order to award special recognition to the best organizations for their management of shelters, hotlines, and the reintegration process for victims.

Call for Entries

International Organization for Migration is happy to announce a short story writing contest on the topic of migration.

Labor Migrants and Members of their Families Increase their Knowledge on Migration and Health in Tursunzoda's Jura Rahmonov Jamo

15 August 2013, in Tursunzoda's Jura Rahmonov Jamoat, the International Organization for Migration in cooperation with the NGO «Gender and Development» through the project «Prevention of HIV for Labor Migrations and Members of their Families in Tajikistan» provided an informational meeting, consultation on legal and medical aspects of migration to the for the Chairman of the Mahallah Committees, religious leaders, medical workers, and also labor migrants and members of their families.

Identifying with Beneficiaries’ Beliefs to Capacitate Healthy Communities

When the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) specialists met with the outreach team of the NGO “Punbachi” in Nurobod they found that there were some barriers in communication with the beneficiaries concerning condom promotion.

Mobile Consultations and Testing for HIV in Action

“In May 2013, when we began outreach work among migrants and their wives in Dushanbe, I was sure that the population of the nation’s capital would be better informed about sexually-transmitted diseases, HIV, and how to access information about these diseases than other cities and regions of the country. After performing a preliminary assessment of the project group, however, we understood that it was necessary to do more work in the remote area close to the eastern hills of the city,” Sadbarg, an outreach worker from the NGO “Positive Center,” said.

How I Became a Volunteer

My experience demonstrates that simple rules can protect us from STIs and HIV!

The name of our hero is Rustam, but this is not his real name, because he doesn’t want anyone to know his real identity. The story of Rustamom from Khorog begins when he flew to Moscow. 

IOM Capacitates Outreach Network on Prevention of STIs, HIV and Tuberculosis Among Migrants and Their Families in Sogd Region.

From June 19th-21st From June 19th-21st, 2013 within the framework of the project “HIV prevention among migrant workers and their families,” seminars on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and Tuberculosis among migrants were conducted for outreach workers and volunteers of the NGO “Mehvar” in the jamoat Oshoba of the Asht district, NGO “Chashmai Hayot” in B. Gafurov district, and the NGO “Said” in Khujand.

IOM Conducts Labour Migration Trainings

As IOM plays a significant role in assisting states, migrants, and communities in addressing labour migration challenges, the IOM mission in Tajikistan conducted trainings on issues related with labour migration for the Republic of Tajikistan’s Migration Service and joint-trainings with the Tajik Committee on Youth, Sport, and Tourism in the Vahdat region.

Tuberculosis Among Migrants: Results of Pilot Project

In May 2013, the piloting of the migration component of the USAID Dialogue on HIV and Tuberculosis Project, with IOM as a member of the partner’s consortium, was completed. From August 2012 until May 2013, IOM collaborated in Tajikistan with NGO “Anis” in Kulob and NGO “Ahtari Baht” in Qurghon Teppa, and local TB Control Centers to inform the communities and migrants of the TB issue, organize informational campaigns on TB prevention, refer 237 migrants to the TB Control and the AIDS Control centers for diagnosis, treatment, voluntary consultations, and HIV testing. Twenty-eight of the thirty-one migrants treated became aware of their condition of TB through the joint program’s activities.

Meeting with Head of Border Guard Service of the National Security Committee of Tajikistan

IOM’s Migrant Support Centers have received more reports of migrants being denied re-entry to the Russian Federation.