Migration in the News | 08 October 2015

Media Highlights

  • Middle East Online reports that the EU has offered Turkey a plan under which it would resettle more refugees, but only if Ankara establishes new camps and boosts its coastguard to slow the flow of people to Europe.
  • Foreign Policy reports that six military ships have been deployed in international waters off Libya to enforce search and seize operations against migrant smugglers, as part of the EU's Sophia mission. It quotes Itayi Viriri, who acknowledged the importance of stopping smugglers at sea, but highlighted the need to also take action on land.
  • Chicago Policy Review interviews Eugenio Ambrosi about refugees, migration and the European response. He points out that the EU needs to be far more courageous in the number of refugees and migrants that it is willing to accept.
  • The New York Times reports that of the more than half a million migrants and refugees who have arrived in Europe this year, many are young men. While some are educated or bring skills, many have lost critical formative years to violent conflicts that have interrupted educations and aborted careers.
  • Voice of America reports that IOM has become the target of a defamation campaign in the Central African Republic, which has been going on since its office in the capital, Bangui, was attacked more than one week ago.
  • Michael Møller, Director General of UN Office at Geneva writes in the Huffington Post that the negative narrative on refugees and migrants is beginning to change, but this is not enough. All countries should contribute towards solving the problem. He also calls for greater integration of the work of UNHCR and IOM to allow them to propose new long-term global policies.
  • EU External Action reports that a conference in Luxembourg on Thursday will set out EU support for countries in the Western Balkans, as well as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, who are at the forefront of the Syrian refugee crisis. It will bring together European countries and international organizations.

Trending on the Internet  

  • People washing ashore on the Greek island of Lesbos are trying to pass themselves off as Syrian to win a new life in Europe - and overworked officials are struggling to determine who’s telling the truth, Foreign Policy reports.
  • Sofia Appelgren is the founder of Mitt Liv, a social enterprise that aims to place educated migrants in jobs in Sweden.  Time features her work in its "Next Generation Leaders" section.

Quote of the Day

The bottom line is that we have to move away from blaming migrants and refugees for our problems. It is a wrong cause and effect situation that is being created – Eugenio Ambrosi, Regional Director of IOM’s Office for the EU, Norway, and Switzerland. More here


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