Migration in the News | 10 April 2018

Media Monitoring Highlights

  • News Deeply spoke with IOM’s Leonard Doyle and transnational crime expert Tuesday Reitano about how companies like Facebook should respond to the use of their platforms by people smugglers.

  • La Croix reported that  tens of thousands of migrant workers who come to Thailand to work in the country's billion-dollar fishing industry continue to be abused and exploited. The report quoted IOM’s Nathalie Hanley.
  • Maritime Herald reported that in the first quarter of 2018, IOM registered 3,345 arrivals by sea, 38 per cent more than in the same period of 2017. Not only did the number of migrants that reach their destination grow, but also the number of those who die during the journey.
  • IPS reported that  most migrants to Europe, Australia and the United States from Rangpur in northern Bangladesh leave home to work hard and save money. And in the end, they want to come back home. The report cited an IOM study.
  • IRIN reported that hundreds of patchwork settlements have proliferated throughout Afghanistan over the last five years, fed by a steady surge of people uprooted by an intensifying conflict and others pushed back from neighbouring countries. The report referenced an IOM survey.
  • Oxygen reported that slavery is still a grim reality and listed six countries where it remains as a part of life. It referenced an IOM report.
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation reported that rich nations spent more on helping poor countries last year but less on refugees at home, leading to stagnation in overall aid expenditure – which remains well below United Nations' targets. The report cited IOM figures.
  • Breaking Belize News reported that Galen University has signed an agreement with IOM to offer a course that will aid relevant government ministries and NGOs in the formulation of a National Migration and Development Policy. The report quoted IOM’s Rene Chuc.
  • The Battalion reported about a broadway musical that touches on the topic of the slave trade. The report referenced IOM figures.  
  • Miami Herald reported that Haitians and Venezuelans seeking to migrate to Chile now face tougher immigration rules which are being introduced by new Chilean President Sebastian Piñera. The report cited IOM estimates.

Trending on the Internet

  • The New York Times published an op-ed about Algerians who voluntarily migrate irregularly, fleeing high unemployment and the rising cost of living, among other things.

Quote of the day

“Dramatic shifts in demographic structure projected in advanced economies could overwhelm the ability of policies to offset the forces of ageing. [This] underscores the need to rethink migration policies to boost [their] labour supply.” –  International Monetary Fund. Read more here.


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