Migration in the News | 20 February 2018

Media Monitoring Highlights

  • Voice of America reported about the stories of horror of the nearly dozen Somali migrants who were repatriated to Mogadishu from Libya on Saturday. UNHCR and IOM are providing some training to help the recent returnees rejoin their communities and rebuild their lives.

  • The New York Times reported that migrants are increasingly visible in Brussels, around train stations, in public squares and parks, sometimes sleeping in the streets and most of them are Sudanese, according to estimates. It cited IOM reports.

  • Nigeria’s The Nation reported that despite accusations of slavery in Libya, Nigerian migrants are still flocking to the North African country to reach Europe. IOM, along with the Nigerian government has been repatriating for several months now, thousands of Nigerians stranded in Libya.
  • Devex reported that severe weather could further devastate an already dire situation in Cox’s Bazar, where aid groups are scrambling to better prepare the overcrowded, hilly Rohingya refugee settlements for flooding and landslides. It cited an initial mapping survey by IOM and partners.
  • MENAFN reported that the Government of Japan will provide Ukraine with $3.6 million to meet humanitarian needs, support vulnerable segments of the population and restore the eastern regions. The assistance would be provided within the framework of seven projects to be implemented by the UN agencies in Ukraine including IOM.
  • Bloomberg reported that Ukraine’s economic growth has slowed for four straight quarters as 7 percent of the workforce left Ukraine since 2015. It cited IOM reports.
  • Antara News reported that the Indonesian Manpower Ministry is cooperating with IOM to protect migrant workers, particularly against human trafficking crimes.
  • Xinhua reported that as Namibia battles with the Hepatitis E outbreak, hair traders operating in Havana informal settlement in the capital Windhoek say the outbreak is crippling their ventures. It cited IOM reports.

Trending on the Internet

  • The Guardian reported about The One Day Without Us campaign from London to Edinburgh to Birmingham which aims to celebrate the contributions of migrants in the UK and to stand against hatred, xenophobia and intolerance.
  • Canada’s CBC reported that Canada is opposed to Israel's plan to deport or imprison thousands of African asylum seekers and has officially registered its concerns.

Quote of the day

“We recognise the crucial role that people from other countries play within the UK… every one of those people contributes to our society and that I think is clear despite the political messages we hear from elsewhere.” – Jean Lambert, the Green party MEP for London. Read more here.


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