Migration in the News | 22 June 2017

Media Monitoring Highlights

  • Euronews reported on this week’s summit of EU leaders in Brussels, which has migration at the top of the agenda.  It spoke with IOM’s Eugenio Ambrosi.
  • The Telegraph reported that up to 126 refugees and migrants are feared to have drowned in the Mediterranean after people smugglers stole the outboard engine of their dinghy. It quoted IOM’s Flavio Di Giacomo.
  • BBC reported the story of Seun from Nigeria, one of tens of thousands of West Africans who cross the Sahara Desert into Libya every year, from where they hope to be smuggled by boat to Europe. It cited IOM.
  • Awoko reported that as more young Sierra Leoneans continue to risk their lives through the Mediterranean Sea to Europe in search of greener pastures, an 18-year-old youth revealed how he narrowly escaped death on his way to Italy through Algeria. He was rescued by IOM.
  • Vice News reported that while humanitarian efforts have eased South Sudan’s famine, 6 million people still struggle to find food every day, a UN-backed report revealed. It cited IOM figures.
  • Papua New Guinea’s The National reported that building resilience to the effects of drought or El Niño is everyone’s responsibility, quoting IOM’s Wonesai Sithole.

Trending on the Internet

  • New York Times reported that a town in Ohio has always relied on migrants to plant, weed and harvest crops from spring to fall but tougher border enforcement has slowed the flow of workers.

Quote of the day

“I call on the EU to step up action to counter xenophobia and promote the successful integration of migrants, including through addressing their vulnerabilities, as well as the needs of the communities that host them.” –  Louise Arbour, UN Special Representative for International Migration. Read more here.

For the latest Mediterranean Update data on arrvals and fatalities please visit: http://missingmigrants.iom.int


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