Migration in the News | 5 January 2018

Media Monitoring Highlights

  • AFP and La Repubblica reported that more than half of Iraqis displaced by conflict to other parts of the country have returned to their homes, according to the UN Migration Agency. IOM’s Sandra Black was quoted.

  • IRIN reported that as European countries tighten borders and asylum policies, the number of Afghan asylum seekers pushed out of Europe has soared and some returnees are being forced back to a volatile country. It quoted IOM’s Masood Ahmadi.
  • Premium Times reported that a Federal Government Delegation has arrived Libya to commence the mass evacuation of Nigerians stranded in the North African country. The Nigerian mission in Libya is coordinating the identification of the Nigerian migrants with the support of IOM.
  • Xinhua reported that Ethiopia is working to repatriate its citizens stranded in conflict-wracked Libya. Ethiopia is collaborating with IOM to give travel documents to stranded Ethiopians in Libya.
  • IPS reported that disasters, manmade and natural, are increasingly forcing agriculture-based income earners in  Sri Lanka, especially small farmers, out of their villages and into cities looking for work. It referenced an IOM and WFP joint report.
  • Nigeria’s Pulse reported that over the last two decades, the spate of conflicts in Africa has increased, as has the danger being faced by aid workers in the region. As a result, African countries ranked highest in the number of deaths of aid workers in 2017.  It cited an IOM tweet.

Trending on the Internet

  • Time reported that ancient DNA extracted from the skull of a six-week-old baby girl whose 11,500-year-old remains were unearthed in a burial pit in central Alaska is helping scientists resolve long-standing controversies about how humans first populated the Americas.
  • Al Jazeera investigates claims of corruption, harassment and xenophobia experienced by Russia's Central Asian migrant community.

Quote of the day

“As we enter 2018, we should remember all those who lost their lives not because they lost the will to live, but because of the deadly cloud of conflict, intolerance and disregard for human life and endeavor.”  – Moussa Faki Mahamat, Chairperson of the African Union Commission. Read more here.

For the latest Mediterranean Update data on arrvals and fatalities please visit: http://missingmigrants.iom.int


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