Up and Mounted: Installation of Water Tanks in Burao

President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silanyo” officially opens the recently installed water tanks in Burao, Somaliland. © IOM/Mukhtar Yusuf 2015

Access to safe and clean water is a major challenge in Somaliland. Burao town in Togdheer region is no exception, and faces water shortages due to the lack of water saving tanks. To tackle this problem, IOM supported Somaliland’s Ministry of Water to install four storage tanks in Burao town.

On August 2, the President of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed “Silanyo” attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the completion of the installation of the water tanks. A large community dialogue event was held to mark this important milestone in the town’s recent past. More than two thousand people representing senior government officers, political parties, regional governors, mayors, members of parliaments, elders, cultural and youth groups attended the event.

“Supplying water is a priority for my government, and that is why a large number of my government ministers are here today to attend this ceremony,” President Silanyo said. “My government is committed to improving the rural and urban population’s access to water services.”

Yusuf Mohamed, who spoke on behalf of the elders, emphasized how the water would reduce conflict. “All of life depends on the availability of water,” Yusuf said, “If we don’t have water, then the country wouldn’t be stable. There are water conflicts amongst our people due to water shortages. But now, when access to water gets easier, it prevents community conflict, and improves stability of this city and region as well.”



Community members gather to attend the event to officially open the recently installed water tanks. © IOM/Mukhtar Yusuf 2015