Residents Reclaim Mogadishu Streets Thanks to New Streetlights

More than two decades of conflict in Somalia have destroyed public infrastructure, including street lights. The lack of streetlights in Xamar Weyne District in the capital city, Mogadishu limited residents’ movement at night due to insecurity and restricted business hours as shopkeepers were forced to operate between dusk and dawn.

To improve security and livelihoods, IOM supported the government to install 37 solar streetlights covering a distance of 1.4 kilometers along three major roads, Via Egito, Via Roma and Bacadlaha in Xamar Weyne District. The installation of solar streetlights was completed on 28 November 2014.

“Since the installation of the solar streetlights in Via Egito and Bacadlaha roads, more than 70 new business opened and criminal activity has been reduced,” said Saeed Ahmed, Hilaac ward officer.

“Before, we used to close our business before the sunset as we feared for our security and our property. It was not possible to see people here after the sunset. Now, our business is open until 9:00 pm. We receive a lot of customers and our sales revenue has increased,” said Sheikh Ibrahim, a store manager.

The solar streetlights are restoring community confidence in the government and directly contributing to improve stability in the district as people work and interact longer hours.

Dhiblawe Business Center is now able to open up until 9:00 pm due to the new streetlights. © IOM/Abdullahi Farah 2015