Migration in the News | 11 March 2016

Media Highlights

  • DPA reported that Italy is concerned about the spillover of tens of thousands of migrants blocked in Greece, but IOM’s Federico Soda told DPA that it is almost impossible to make predictions about where they will go next.
  • The Local reported that the Italian region of Puglia fears as many as 150,000 migrants could arrive from Greece after Serbia and Macedonia closed their borders on Wednesday. It quoted IOM’s Flavio Di Giacomo.
  • International Business Times reported that the closure of the Balkans route used by migrants to reach northern Europe from Greece has raised concerns in Italy that thousands could take to an old smugglers' pathway that runs from Albania to the southern Apulia region. It cited IOM estimates.
  • Reuters reported that the European Union aims to rehouse thousands of asylum-seekers from Greece in the coming months, officials said on Thursday as EU ministers wrestled with concerns about the legality of a new plan to force migrants back to Turkey. It cited IOM estimates.
  • Euro News reported that five Afghan migrants, including two children and a six-month-old baby, have drowned after the boat they were in hit rough weather and capsized off the Turkish coast. It cited IOM figures.
  • International Business Times reported that Syrian refugees living in Jordan and hoping to start new lives in Europe are taking swimming lessons hoping the classes could save their lives if they become stranded in the Mediterranean. It cited IOM figures.

​​Trending on the Internet 

  • BBC reported that Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has said it is "outrageous" to describe as racist people who are worried about the impact of migration.
  • New York Times featured the work of Irving Villegas, a freelance photographer who documents the public and private lives of seasonal migrant workers in several countries and continents.

Quote of the Day

“We don't know what's going to happen, but we know that as soon as one migration route closes, another one opens, nearly always more treacherous than the last.”  - IOM’s Flavio Di Giacomo. More here

For the latest Mediterranean Update data on arrivals and fatalities please visit: http://missingmigrants.iom.int

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