Migration in the News | 21 June 2017

Media Monitoring Highlights

  • ANSA reported that nearly 2,000 migrants and refugees have died in the Mediterranean Sea since the beginning of 2017, according to IOM figures.
  • The Conversation reported that the number of authorities and organizations involved has made rescue operations in the Mediterranean more complex. It noted that international organizations like IOM and UNHCR have also taken a stand.
  • AJ+ reported that while the Mediterranean migrant and refugee crisis may not be in the headlines as often these days, it is anything but over. It cited IOM’s Missing Migrants Project.
  • Voice of America reported that the Red Cross has launched a smartphone app to help refugees and migrants arriving in Italy access information and services, including medical, psychological and legal support. It cited IOM figures.
  • Washington Post asked five correspondents to share their most memorable moment from their time covering the refugee crisis in light of World Refugee Day. It cited IOM figures.
  • India Today reported that armed conflicts and disasters left 65.6 million people displaced in 2016, a United Nations report released on World Refugee Day revealed. It also cited IOM figures.
  • Brookings Institution reported that the issue of statelessness is often overlooked in discussions around refugees and force migration. It cited IOM figures.
  • CGTN reported that Afghanistan is struggling with a growing number of returnees not only from Iran but also from Pakistan and Europe. It quoted IOM’s Matt Graydon.
  • Papua New Guinea’s The National reported that IOM has urged Papua New Guineans to embrace refugees as fellow human beings to help contribute to national development. It quoted IOM’s Wonesai Sithole.
  • South Africa’s Daily Maverick ran an Op-Ed noting that in recent years there has been increasing realisation that those escaping climate change-induced poverty and destitution could be called “environmental refugees”. It referenced IOM.
  • The Center for Financial Inclusion reported that the financial inclusion industry is well-positioned to support internally displaced individuals and refugees by offering payments, credit, insurance, and savings products and inclusive finance providers. It referenced IOM.
  • The Maritime Executive reported that Coventry University has offered scholarships for the maritime security program at its Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations. The Centre works with key organizations, including IOM, in understanding and responding to such challenges as piracy, human trafficking, illegal fishing and port security.

Trending on the Internet

  • The Guardian ran an opinion piece noting that seven years of anti-migrant policies in the UK have resulted in people with rights to housing losing out. It called on housing associations to pledge to be open and fair.

Quote of the day

“I think if migration can be discussed in a rational way, that will create a much better environment in our societies that are all multiethnic, multicultural, multireligious, and at the same time that will also help refugees benefit more easily from the protection rights they are entitled to receive.” –  UN Secretary General António Guterres. Read the tweet here.

For the latest Mediterranean Update data on arrvals and fatalities please visit: http://missingmigrants.iom.int


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