Migration in the News | 21 August 2017

Media Monitoring Highlights

  • Reuters, AFP, Xinhua, Euronews and FNA reported that Iraqi security forces launched on Sunday an offensive to take back the city of Tal Afar. All cited IOM figures.
  • Iraqi News reported on the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement’s announcement that around 10,000 civilians had been displaced from Tal Afar town over the past two weeks. It cited IOM figures.
  • IANS reported that a total of 17,000 Iraqi displaced people have returned to their homes in the eastern part of Mosul in the past two months, according to government officials. It quoted IOM.
  • Reuters and Daily Mail reported that the rising flow of migrants to Spain from North Africa could evolve into a ‘big emergency’ if the pace continues, according to IOM. It quoted IOM’s Joel Millman. 
  • Xinhua reported that according to IOM, arrivals to Spain had reached 9,000 by the first week of August, the highest in history. It quoted IOM’s Joel Millman.
  • Al Jazeera reported that Malta has said a vessel carrying anti-migrant and anti-refugee activists was ‘not welcome’, allegedly denying the boat from docking on its shore. It cited IOM figures.
  • News Deeply reported that 42,190 Syrian refugees went back to Syria from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq in the first seven months of this year, according to IOM. It quoted IOM’s Olivia Headon.
  • PBS published a series of photos showing how Syrian children play and cool off outside war zones. It cited IOM figures.
  • VOA reported that the UN Children’s Fund says more than 500,000 children in Libya are in need of some kind of humanitarian assistance, and notes that migrant children passing through the country are especially at risk of abuse. It cited IOM figures.
  • VOA reported that smugglers use false promises and intimidation to convince refugees and migrants, many of whom are children, to travel in dangerous, unpredictable circumstances, and abuse them to maintain control and maximize profits. It quoted IOM’s Mohammed Abdiker and Olivia Headon.
  • Sudan Tribune reported that the European Union’s department for humanitarian aid and civil protection said it is doubling funding to IOM to support South Sudanese refugees in the Ugandan districts of Yumbe and Moyo. It quoted IOM’s Ali Abdi.
  • Outbreak News Today reported that the first round of an Oral Cholera Vaccination campaign in four priority counties of South Sudan with active transmission of cholera, has successfully concluded despite security and access challenges in some areas, according to the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa. IOM was one of the campaign’s implementing partners.
  • Zimbabwe’s The Chronicle reported that the Zimbabwean Consulate in South Africa is urging its citizens wishing to work or stay in that country to be wary of bogus agencies who claim to facilitate processing of special permits. It cited IOM figures.
  • Haiti Libre reported that between June 2015 and July 2017,  some 215,121 Haitians living in an irregular migratory situation on the Dominican Republic territory voluntarily returned or were deported to Haiti according to IOM. 

Trending on the Internet

  • The Guardian’s Alex Hannaford reports from Ajo, Arizona near the US-Mexico border, where he joins volunteers searching for migrants lost in the vast desert wilderness.
  • The New York Times reported that the main route to Europe is experiencing one of its longest lulls since the migration crisis began in 2014, and migration experts say they do not properly understand why.
  • Reuters reported that two years after it threw open its doors to the latest migrants, Germany has devised an integration strategy based on language and job training intended to get the newcomers into work and off welfare.

Quote of the day

"No civilian should be a target in any conflict. All civilians should be protected –  including migrants.” – Mohammed Abdiker, IOM Director of Operations and Emergencies. Read more here


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