Migration in the News | 21 September 2017

Media Monitoring Highlights

  • Reuters, Press TV and Bangladesh’s New Age reported that hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who have fled Myanmar are "at the mercy" of human traffickers and are still in dire conditions. They quoted IOM’s Chris Lom.
  • Strait Times and ABC News reported that the US State Department is releasing an additional US$32 million in humanitarian assistance for Rohingya refugees displaced by violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. Bangladesh’s The Daily Observer also reported that Saudi Arabia and South Korea have pledged in humanitarian assistance to Rohingya Muslims. The funds will go to international aid groups such as IOM.
  • Radio Sputnik and RFI reported that there are more slaves now than any time in human history with more than 40 million people identified as victims. It referenced the report by ILO, Walk Free and IOM, Global Estimates of Modern Slavery.
  • Reuters reported that anti-slavery activists welcomed Britain's pledge to double its aid spending on global projects tackling the crime. It cited the report by ILO, Walk Free and IOM, Global Estimates of Modern Slavery.
  • Quartz reported that identifying the scale of modern slavery is crucial in order to effectively address it, says Fiona David, Walk Free’s executive director of global research. Hence, the biggest problems in rescuing people from modern-day slavery is counting them. It referenced the report by ILO, Walk Free and IOM, Global Estimates of Modern Slavery.
  • Just Earth News reported that in his address to the UN General Assembly, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Mauritania, Isselkou Ould Ahmed Izid Bih, welcomed the progress made in the fight against terrorism and migration. He noted that Mauritania, in collaboration with IOM, has eradicated irregular migration from its territory.

Trending on the Internet

  • BBC reported that Berlin police have praised an Iraqi refugee who handed in a handbag she found on a subway train, containing €14,000.
  • AP reported that the Mexican government has welcomed thousands of Haitians who came to Mexico’s northwest corner hoping to cross the border before the US abruptly closed its doors last year. The have helped fill the need for labour in Tijuana’s growing economy.

Quote of the day

“The reality is that migration is a net positive to migrants and the communities from which they come and in which they settle, with most moving in a well-regulated way.” – Louise Arbour, UN Special Representative for International Migration. Read more here.

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