Tuberculosis Among Migrants: Results of Pilot Project

In May 2013, the piloting of the migration component of the USAID Dialogue on HIV and Tuberculosis Project, with IOM as a member of the partner’s consortium, was completed. From August 2012 until May 2013, IOM collaborated in Tajikistan with NGO “Anis” in Kulob and NGO “Ahtari Baht” in Qurghon Teppa, and local TB Control Centers to inform the communities and migrants of the TB issue, organize informational campaigns on TB prevention, refer 237 migrants to the TB Control and the AIDS Control centers for diagnosis, treatment, voluntary consultations, and HIV testing. Twenty-eight of the thirty-one migrants treated became aware of their condition of TB through the joint program’s activities.

During the project implementation, thanks to the insistence of the project’s social workers, two migrants completed their TB treatment. In spite of the completing of the financial support for the project, social workers of the NGO “Anis” and NGO “Ahtari Baht” continue treatment adherence support to 23 migrants with TB. For the time being, negotiations are ongoing with donors to renew this work on TB prevention among migrants in Kulob and Qurghon Teppa. The project’s second phase is expected to begin in October 2013.