Labor Migrants and Members of their Families Increase their Knowledge on Migration and Health in Tursunzoda's Jura Rahmonov Jamo

15 August 2013, in Tursunzoda's Jura Rahmonov Jamoat, the International Organization for Migration in cooperation with the NGO «Gender and Development» through the project «Prevention of HIV for Labor Migrations and Members of their Families in Tajikistan» provided an informational meeting, consultation on legal and medical aspects of migration to the for the Chairman of the Mahallah Committees, religious leaders, medical workers, and also labor migrants and members of their families.

The fundamental goal of the meeting was to increase the project's success in preventing HIV among labor migrations, improve collaboration among the program's implementing organizations, improve referral system, increase the knowledge of migrants and their families about the legal aspects of migration, and also increase their knowledge on the issue of prevention of STIs and HIV.

The meeting was carried out upon the request of the community leaders in connection with recent problems with labor migration in this Jamoat. Employees of the NGO «Gender and Development» informed the participants of the ways of transmitting STIs and HIV, and also informed them about existing medical services in Tursundoza District for labor migrants and members of their families.

The International Organization for Migration's legal consultant provided information on the latest changes to migration legislation in the Russian Federation and the reasons for administrative expulsion and deportation of Tajik citizens from the Russian Federation. For example, the lawyer mentioned the challenges encountered by those who are labor migrants in the destination country and made recommendations of how to conduct oneself in difficult situations, where to turn for help, and how to take preventative measures to minimalize the risks associated with working abroad.

Special attention was given to the issue of the importance of undergoing a medical examination before going broad as a way to avoid getting deported due to illness.

The participants to the meeting actively asked the experts from IOM and the NGO «Gender and Development» questions, shared their experiences, and the experiences of their loved ones and their connection to labor migration. Their questions were related to the issue of discrimination against Tajik labor migrants abroad. 

All the participants received booklets and brochures provided by IOM. The title of this literature included: «To take with you Along the Way», «When you are Healthy, Your Possibilities for Earning Money are Increased,» and «Migrant Workers and Members of their Families.» They were also provided with business cards with the telephone number of IOM's hotline for legal migration questions: 900 800 800.

At the end of the meeting, many participants approached the IOM representatives to ask them questions about legal aspects of migration, infections, and other issues that were discussed during the meeting.

The Jamoat Chairman commented that their region needed such meetings and he thanked IOM and NGO «Gender and Development» specialists for providing accurate information on labor migration and health.

The event was provided through the support of the Project «Prevention of HIV for Labor Migrants and Members of their Families in Tajikistan» under the financing of UNDP who is a principle recipient of a Global Fund against AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria grant.