Call for Entries

International Organization for Migration is happy to announce a short story writing contest on the topic of migration.

In order to raise awareness about migration and its effects on children, youth ages 12-18 are invited to write a creative story about how migration has affected them or other children they know. The story should show the personal impact of migration on families and children left behind and should be based on fact. Stories should describe daily life of the family of a migrant worker from Tajikistan. Scenes might include home life, school and work. Details might address questions like: Why did this person leave to find work abroad?  How often does the family see or hear from him or her?  What is daily life like without them? Has the person returned, why or why not? 

A panel of journalists, writers, and others will judge the entries based on technical skill, content, and writing style. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony and winning entries will be published on IOM Tajikistan’s blog, in media outlets, and other places.

Entry Guidelines:

  • Must be 12-18
  • Stories must be written in Tajik, Russian, or English
  • 3-5 pages, size 12 font
  • Must be submitted in a Word doc or pdf file
  • Email submissions with name, birthdate, address, email and phone number to
  • Submission deadline is September, 15 2013. 

One Grand Prize (to be announced), and separate prizes for age categories 12-15, 16-18 and  a separate prize in English will be awarded as follows: First place $100, Second place $50, Third place $25.

Download announcement in Russian