IOM’s NGO partners are actively working with migrant workers and members of their families, raising their awareness on STIs, HIV

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For the past 11 years, I have been traveling abroad for work. Before, I didn’t know that these trips may have a negative effect on my health. I was only thinking about how to earn more money. But familiarity with the activities of the NGO “Chashmai Hayot” changed my attitude towards my health. I realized that in poor health I can’t find a good job.

Thanks to the information provided by the organization, I began treatment of tuberculosis.

I am very grateful to all the organizations concerned with the well-being of workers, providing free services.

My name is Mansoor. I am 32. I am from the village of Chambil in the Jamoat of Undzhi . For the past 11 years I have left to work abroad. Where haven’t I worked! I’ve work in Russia, Kazakhstan, even in the Baltics. Every year I work for 10 months outside of Tajikistan, and I am at home with my family only two months a year.

I had to make more money because 7 people depend on me at home. For the last six months, I have been working tirelessly in Tyumen. It’s very cold there: -30 C – 40 C all year round. I work 15 hours a day, which leaves me  lack of  time to eat and sleep. Recently, I began to feel overcome with weakness.

When the time came, I came home. My mother told me that the employees of the organization “Chashmai Hayot” visited our home and told her about HIV and TB prevention and services for migrants. They left pamphlets and condoms as well as their phone numbers.

I decided to seek further advice from the organization. I was recommended to undergo an examination to determine my health status. In a friendly point for migrants I found out I did not have any problems with STIs, but the doctor was concerned with my cough. At the local TB center, I was diagnosed with tuberculosis and offered free treatment.

Since then, about a year ago, I have received a full course of treatment, and now I am completely healthy!

With the support of the local authorities I was able to find a job as a mechanic in my native district. In my spare time, I help employees of the NGO “Chashmai Hayot” with awareness-raising for migrants.

I am very grateful to all the organizations for their help. Thanks to their work, I was able to stay healthy!