Generation Shuffle

By Amy Rhoades

Some people live in the same place their entire lives. Others choose to migrate in search of greater opportunities - economic, educational, or other. Many other people are forced to migrate, oftentimes displaced by disasters be they natural or man-made that require them to seek refuge and start over elsewhere.

A Mapping Revolution...

By Leonard Doyle

WOULD you like to know about an innovative high-tech initiative to help vulnerable communities build resilience, ahead of the coming hurricane/typhoon season, by using low-tech solutions? If so, read on.

Whew! 36˚ Summers: So this is What Climate Change Feels Like

By Charmaine Caparas

I've lived in a tropical country all my life yet I still find it impossible to deal with the debilitating heat of summer. A few weeks back, Manila recorded a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius, driving many folks to seek respite inside the city’s many gargantuan shopping malls or just about any enclosed space with air conditioning they could find.