Crossing Continents

By Leonard Doyle

TRAVELING by foot, National Geographic writer Paul Salopek is recreating the epic journey of humankind starting at its birthplace in Ethiopia and ending at the southern tip of South America. He walked in the scorching heat of the deserts of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley across the broiling barren landscape of Djibouti to the Red Sea coast. Stranded for weeks. There he encountered IOM's Chief of Mission Bakary Doumbia and a fascinating conversation ensued, much of it on Twitter after Paul moved on to Saudi Arabia.

Terror on the High Seas

By Ray Leyesa

ICONIC Photos, a photo blog, recently featured photographer Chris Anderson’s past work on Haitian migrants who attempted to enter the United States way back in 2000. Together with journalist Mike Finkel, the two documented the journey of 44 Haitians over treacherous waters in their 23-foot boat. Their journey ended disastrously with the boat sinking in the Caribbean.

Money across the miles

I'm working flat out to get my organization ready and well represented at a big global forum on remittances here in Bangkok this week. And as I answered yet another email I got to thinking about the people who depend on remittances for their day-to-day expenses, the people who are behind this conference.

The Trouble with Trafficking

By Joe Lowry

The trouble with human trafficking is that with all the resources and thought that has been poured into the phenomenon over the years, no one really understands what’s going on. Not governments, not NGOS, not the police, not think tanks… no one apart from the people traffickers, who change their modus operandi  like the wind, in order to stay one step ahead.