The Double Danger of Being both a Migrant and a Woman

By IOM Director General William Lacy Swing

In today’s increasingly mobile and interconnected world, migration has become an integral part of the lives of over 100 million women. At different stages of their lives, a growing proportion of these women leave their familiar surroundings to study, work, marry, reunite with their families or flee a dangerous situation.

Dr Zhivago and his Amazing Clinic

By Miguel Meñez

I have a great concept for the next medical drama.  No, it’s not Dr. Zhivago (for those who remember him) and no, it’s not Gray’s Anatomy (although you could argue that there’s a handsome McDreamy-like doctor in it) and no, it’s not House with his mind-bending medical mysteries.  I got the idea for my version of ER by visiting the 15th floor of Trafalgar Place in the middle of swanky Makati City in the Philippines.