Little Miracles amidst Haiyan

Guiuian, Samar - Baby Alice’s mother held tight until trees fell upon her in the storm. She was killed, and Baby Alice got lost in the storm surge. Once the storm cleared, perhaps three hours later, residents found Baby Alice floating among the debris. They hurriedly brought her to the evacuation centre. She had been scratched and bruised, but she was alive.

By Raphael Abis, IOM Guiuan

IOM Staffer embodies the spirit of Tacloban

By Joe Lowry

One man and his dog: IOM procurement officer Edmund Talle at the ruins of his house outside Tacloban last week

“I am a responder and a victim too”, says Edmund Talle, procurement officer with IOM Philippines as we walk towards his home on the edge of Tacloban in the central Philippines. His house was blown clean away along with many of his possessions by typhoon Haiyan, but he still manages to find reasons to be grateful.

Tacloban's Local Heroes

By Joe Lowry

As a major international aid effort gets Into full swing in the Philippines, the devastated city of Tacloban, still reeling from typhoon Haiyan, is full of stories of people helping each other to
survive and overcome the tragedy.

While media portray victims waiting for aid, the reality on the ground is a story of local people working together to get back on their feet. We can call them local heroes.

Keeping Haiyan Survivors Warm

By Christy Marfil

Theresita Modesto is 53 years old, and lived in Magallanes, Tacloban City.

She and her family stayed in the redemptorist church since the day (Friday/8 Nov) the typhoon made landfall in Tacloban.

Her husband is missing since then. They are still looking for him.

She said that she only brought their important documents, but no clothes and food.