UN: $301M needed for Yolanda action plan; int'l aid total now at P2.585B

Source: GMA News Online

As much as $301 million (P13.174 billion) will be needed for the United Nations' action plan for the typhoon-battered central Philippines, the organization said Tuesday, while the Department of Foreign Affairs noted that the total international aid to support relief and rehabilitation efforts is estimated at P2.585 billion so far.

The UN made the statement at its briefing for its flash appeal and action plan for the country.

IOM and Human Mobility Indicators for Disaster Risk Reduction

By Daniel Salmon & Lorenzo Guadagno

How do people move when hazards strike? Where do they go? Why do some wait longer than others to flee? Why do some need not to flee at all, and some are not able to go anywhere? How long do people wait to go back home? And how do all these decisions influence their lives in the long term?