Flames Lick the Heels of Syria's Refugees

by Abeer Ali, and Veronica Costarelli

Wherever they run, the flames of Syria's civil war are licking at the heels of its refugees. 

“We have fled the flames of war to (come to) this boiling desert,” said a 35-year-old Syrian woman living in a refugee camp in Jordan. Her frustration mounting along other equally disgruntled women, she added: “We just want a decent life.”

Migration Takes a Bow at Cannes Film Festival

by Kaye Viray (and Agence France Presse)

LAST week’s Cannes Film Festival was an eye-opener for the way migration is now a major theme of our times. 

Films now regularly depict people setting off for a new country, bearing little more than dreams of a better life. But behind the romance of every film touching on migration comes the reality that so many of those moving from their homelands soon discover that reality is not as rose-tinted as they imagined it might be. Many face the perils of trafficking, exploitation, aching loneliness and rootlessness. All of this is grist to the film industry's mill.

When Dreams Turn Out Differently

by Joe Lowry
Some migrants make a huge success of their lives. Most don’t. Most are happy to quietly blend in to their host communities, keeping their heads down and doing the work the citizens don’t want to do. It’s their kids who adapt, fit in, do well. Some migrants never make it. They get stuck in transit, in a limbo between home and destination, at the mercy of criminal gangs.

Why Migration Matters More Post 2015

By Andrew Bruce

In a mere 18 months the ASEAN single economic space will exist, opening up free movement for certain classes of workers across 10 very different Asian nations. At the end of 2015, the Millennium Development Goals, the shared vision of the international community since 2000, expire.

Crossing Continents

By Leonard Doyle

TRAVELING by foot, National Geographic writer Paul Salopek is recreating the epic journey of humankind starting at its birthplace in Ethiopia and ending at the southern tip of South America. He walked in the scorching heat of the deserts of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley across the broiling barren landscape of Djibouti to the Red Sea coast. Stranded for weeks. There he encountered IOM's Chief of Mission Bakary Doumbia and a fascinating conversation ensued, much of it on Twitter after Paul moved on to Saudi Arabia.