Photography Training Held for Youth in Mogadishu

Hawo Kin, the Waberi District Commissioner, speaking during the photography training session. © IOM/Mohamed Abdiwali 2015

The prolonged war in Somalia left many youth in Somalia idle or without opportunities to improve their talents. With the support of IOM, the Skills Development Center (SDC) is working with youngsters across Mogadishu to improve their creative talents and to become self-reliant professionals.

From July 2 – 4, SDC held a photography training and practice session in Mogadishu’s Waberi District. A total of 26 youth, including 11 female and 15 male, learnt about photo composition, exposure to light, besides the history and evolution of photography. On July 4, the trainees went across Mogadishu to take photos, which will feature in a final district competition. SDC also liaised with the law enforcement agencies in Waberi to sensitize the youth on the role of police in upholding peace and security.

A trainer explains to a student the different parts of a camera. © IOM/Mohamed Abdiwali 2015

Hawo Kin, the district’s newly appointed commissioner, said: “I am delighted that the youth are receiving such training. This training is a good start for you, and I would suggest that you take notes to help you as a reference.”

Suldan Ali* is a high school student who attended the training: “I normally take photographs, but I didn’t know much about the history of cameras. I am proud to receive this training, and I hope it will help me be a good photographer.”

The top three photographers will receive awards in a town hall meeting, which will be organized by the district officials in conjunction with the Benadir Regional Administration.

*Name changed because of sensitivity of security