Expanding the Awareness among Foreign Migrants in Tajikistan on HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis

Together with the Ministry of Health, the Migration Service and other governmental, international and public organizations, IOM Tajikistan continues its efforts to improve the access of foreign migrant workers to health care services within the country.  The project is made possible through the financial support of the IOM Development Fund.

Throughout the project, IOM has strengthened of capacity of state and public organizations to take into account problems the specific health conditions and cultural sensitivity features of foreign migrants while they are residing or working in Tajikistan.  Included within these efforts, IOM produced information and educational materials in several languages on effective means to prevent sexually transmitted infections, HIV and tuberculosis.

IOM collaborates with local public organizations “Targiot” and “Apeyron” on conducting outreach work among migrant communities originating from countries as diverse as the People’s Republic of China, Turkey, Afghanistan, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.   These outreach efforts have taken place throughout the country including in Dushanbe, Shakhrinav, Tursunzade, Kurgan-tube, Sarband, Yavan, Pyandzh and Shuroabad.

Specialists of the Republican AIDS Prevention Center, Migration Service and IOM continually assessed the effectiveness of the outreach work, and in February 2013 visited migrants of the Turkish company Combined Group Tecar in Shuroabad, migrants from the People's Republic of China working at Huaksin Gaur Cement Works, and migrants of the Islamic Republic of Iran working at Gidro-power plant Sangtuda-1 in Sarband city.  Employers and the migrants themselves were overwhelming positive of the work conducted, including the screening of films on the problems associated with stigma and discrimination on HIV/AIDS and specialized trainings on HIV and Tuberculosis prevention.