IOM Conducts Labour Migration Trainings

As IOM plays a significant role in assisting states, migrants, and communities in addressing labour migration challenges, the IOM mission in Tajikistan conducted trainings on issues related with labour migration for the Republic of Tajikistan’s Migration Service and joint-trainings with the Tajik Committee on Youth, Sport, and Tourism in the Vahdat region. 

The purpose of the Vahdat training seminars conducted on June 21 was to capacitate committee representatives and Jamoat leaders who can provide information and consult population or migrant workers on labor migration issues.  Training participants acknowledged that migration was spontaneous in nature and that it is not possible to inform all citizens who are planning on migrating. Due to the fact that not all citizens have complete information concerning state laws on employment, the rules of crossing national borders, migration registration, acquiring a work permit, and employment contracts, many of these migrants may become irregular migrants in Russia, and ultimately are presented with court orders of expulsion, deportation, or blocked re-entry into the country. During the session, it was affirmed that by supplying information to Tajik citizens about labor migration, the training participants could together better educate their citizens of the importance of conducting labor activities in accordance with Russian legislation.


On the same day, IOM’s legal consultant conducted a training session for more than thirty employees of the Migration Service from different oblasts, departments, and divisions. The training covered various issues including what documents are needed to travel abroad, the rules when crossing national borders, the risks associated with labor migration, how to register legally for employment, deportation, administrative expulsion, prohibition on entry to the Russian Federation, and the poor living conditions in Russian. It also explored the various methods for gathering information and conducting assessments. Training participants also discussed the latest updates in Russia’s legislation with respect to labor migration.

These trainings were well received and all participants left the trainings with a greater determination to provide Tajik citizens with the most complete information on labour migration, so as to mitigate the risks they may face abroad.