Raising awareness on migration and legal, health issues

The International Organization for Migration in Tajikistan continues to conduct meetings in remote areas with migrant workers, community leaders and local authorities to raise awareness on migration and health issues, provide consultations on legal aspects of migration, update knowledge on migration legislation in host countries and promote existing legal and health services for migrants that are supported by governmental and international bodies.

More than eight meetings in Khatlon area were conducted until the end of November where nearly 400 migrant workers, local authorities and community residents were reached. The meetings were led by IOM’s legal consultant, a specialist of the Migration Service under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, NGO partners and health providers. All participants received brochures and cards with the numbers of the Hotline on legal and health issues.

Workshops were also held for NGOs whose activities are related to informing and consulting citizens of Tajikistan about HIV/AIDS.

IOM conducted a seminar to raise awareness of NGO staff about labor migration laws in the Russian Federation, since they work directly with Tajik citizens who raise questions about the legal aspects of working abroad. NGO staff received information from a lawyer specializing in Russian legislation, enabling them to provide beneficiaries with more accurate information and referrals that will help to further resolve problems. Such training will increase the capacity of the staff of NGOs, and allows them to provide the correct information received from the expert (legal adviser) of IOM.  

In recognition of World AIDS Day and International Migrants Day, both in December, IOM conducted a number of roundtables, seminars, and public events in 35 districts throughout Tajikistan.