‘Educating the Future’: Advocating for the Education of Young Migrants

On the eve of this UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants in which we place our hopes, we, young migrants of the world studying in Geneva, confirm to the gathered heads of states that education is our future and the future of the democracies who welcome us. We want the right to education for all children, regardless of their status…

Because a country that wants to grow must have people to build it.
Because school is where we begin to love justice.
Because school is a way to freedom.
Because we do not want to be victims, but students.
Because school means meeting friends, who become a second family.
Because as girls we have the chance to get the same education as boys,
Because we want all children to go to school like we can, to have freedom of expression and a second chance, as we have had thanks to our professors.
Because education will help us conquer our dreams.
Because effort, hard work and patience are key ingredients for a successful life.
Because school will allow us to provide a better life for our families.
Because we learn new languages, new cultures.
Because we hope we will be able to create our own businesses.
Because it is a right many young people do not have access to.
Because we learn to live together and respect one another and this will serve us all our lives.
Because education is an essential tool,
Because yesterday we were different, today we are different, and tomorrow we will be different, thanks to education.

But essentially because an educated person is a free person, with the power to choose their own future career, to defend their thoughts and rights, and to gain their independence, we want more schools and the right to education for all children.

We are 200 young migrants, eager to achieve our dreams.

Find their testimonies on Educatingthefuture.ch and some of them on iamamigrant.org.

Watch their video here

"Educating the Future" is an initiative from the students of Geneva schools (Service de l'Accueil du Postobligatoire [ACPO] and Espace Entreprise) to celebrate the International Day of Democracy when 200 young migrants between the ages of 15 and 19 go to the UN to discover the role of international Geneva and converse with international officials.