Amani Osman

From a Home to a Camp: Life as an IDP in Sudan

Sudan - Khadiga Adam Omer, a 45-year-old woman from East Jabal Marra, Karkor village, has six children, two girls and four boys whom she looks after with her husband. Before her displacement, Khadiga used to tend to the fields working as a farmer and looking after the family livestock, which provided their main daily income.


Meriam's Story, Mellit, North Darfur

Sudan - Meriam is 40 years old, and living in Mellit (N. Darfur) with her supportive husband and 4 children; they have 3 girls and one boy all under the age of 15 years old, with the youngest at 7.


From a Home to a Camp: Life as an IDP in Sudan

“Moving around this much is exhausting. There is never safety, and clean water is hard to find; it is too difficult to give my kids a safe home.”

Bringing Clean, Safe Water Supply to Abu Dam, Sudan

By Amani Osman

King Jaer is the royal tribal leader of Abu Dam village, located in Um Baru locality in North Darfur. King Jaer is 51 years, with 10 children, 3 girls and 7 boys. He tells us how he gained his title through family lineage; his ancestors before him were part of the Royal family in Abu Dam village in Um Baru locality for the last 200 years.

“I am the King of Abu Dam. Once my great grandfather was the original King of our village. Now the responsibility is mine, and one day, it will be my son’s”. He goes on to tell us that the most important part of being a leader is ensuring the peace and safety of his people, particularly as they live in areas that are constantly prone to armed conict outbreaks.

Vulnerable People in Darfur Receive Safe Drinking Water, Latrines

By Amani Osman

“We just ask Allah, when will we be able to stay in one place and not be scared?” The words of Mohammed Omer, 58 year old unemployed farmer are echoed throughout the village of Ammar Jaded.

Ammar Jaded is a village located in Central Darfur, Sudan. Mohammed Omer lives here with his two wives and 14 children. Before their displacement, Mohammed used to work as a farmer, harvesting and selling his crops in the local markets in Dar El-Salam, where they were originally settled. As a result of increasing tribal conicts, Mohammed and his family’s village was raided and torn apart, resulting in mass displacement and forcing them and thousands of others to leave everything behind. Mohammed and his family ed to Um Dukhun, another locality in Central Darfur.