Amy Rhoades

Connectivity for a World on the Move

Boutros is a refugee: he left Syria three years ago after his village was attacked. He paid over USD 5,000 to smugglers and it took him more than two years to get to Europe. The most precious thing he carried with him was his smartphone.

Take a Few Seconds to Rate Your Experience...

You have probably have seen one recently – at the airport, perhaps after the security check or at the local public service office and after pressing one, you have wondered ‘what next?’ Where does this information go, who does what with it and does anything happen after you press the button?

And the winner is… Somalia's "Saving Migrants Lives” Entry! (It almost looks like it was planned…)

By Amy Rhoades

What are the chances that of all the vibrant diverse #MigrationMeans photos submitted over the past six months, that the winning photo would be the very (and only) one that carries the exact same message selected by DG Swing last month as this year’s International Migrants Day theme ‘Saving Migrants Lives’?

Starting the Conversation: A Step in the Right Direction

By Amy Rhoades

The meeting about the typhoon response had just ended. As I walked down the devastated streets of Tacloban, I heard two young girls singing a familiar chorus:  “We’ve been through a storm but we’re not defeated. We all carry pain but are ready to move on. We’ll build a new life together, a safe place for everyone. Building strong foundations so we can stand,” they sang (in Waray, the local language of Tacloban).

Generation Shuffle

By Amy Rhoades

Some people live in the same place their entire lives. Others choose to migrate in search of greater opportunities - economic, educational, or other. Many other people are forced to migrate, oftentimes displaced by disasters be they natural or man-made that require them to seek refuge and start over elsewhere.

Out of the rubble of Haiti, a new beginning through education

Haitian students in the midst of discussion. Photo by Amy Rhoades

When the Knife Wielding Mugger is Also a Victim

When the Knife Wielding  Mugger is Also a Victim -Photo by Amy Rhoades 2012
By Amy Rhoades

When a Haitian youngster held a knife to my throat while getting off the bus from the Dominican Republic, in Petion Ville the other day, it was a harsh reminder of what can happen when youth in a displaced population are left to fend for itself.