Annie Cosalan

Migrant's Memo: It's not OK to rip us off

female worker
By Annie Cosalan

Some floors of the Peninsula Plaza shopping centre in central Singapore are known as “Little Myanmar”.

How to Win a Brand Ambassador

By Annie Cosalan

It’s the time of year when glamour and glitz fill the air and celebrities step up in their sharpest, most fabulous outfits to be seen by over 40 million worldwide. Paparrazi are everywhere. Heads turn. It’s the Oscars! It’s a lot more than just finding out who gets to go home with the little gold statuette. As The Guardian put it: “Gone is the phalanx of publicists, the glazed interview demeanor, the self-protective instincts born of a thousand paparazzo intrusions; and in its place the quick stumble of inarticulacy, the pink flush of pure need, as the star gulps down all the love and
acceptance they stand revealed to have craved all along.”

Remember The Lorax

By Annie Cosalan

Who hasn't heard of Dr. Seuss' odd-looking Lorax, who lives in a beautiful sunny forest where the Swomee-Swans sing and the Humming-Fish hum? His tragic story is one of the best books on the environment because the stories are so accessible.

"Help! Al Jazeera wants an interview"

By Annie Cosalan

Many live in dread of dealing with the media. One IOM colleague and mission media focal point (who shall remain nameless), told how she wakes up in a cold sweat after any encounter with the media. Why? I asked her over a crackling Skype line this week: “I have these nightmares that something I said was either wrong or misreported and is now all over the internet."

You Are What You Sign

By Annie Cosalan

What is your personality type? Are you outgoing and bubbly or shy and introverted? Don’t worry if you’re the latter because no less than The New York Times recently opined that “Introverts Make Great Leaders Too.”