Ashley McLaughlin

South Sudan: Reaching the Most Vulnerable Amid Destruction and Insecurity

South Sudan is one of the most dangerous and challenging places in the world to be an aid worker.


Providing Malaria Treatment for Displaced Families in South Sudan

High fever, nausea, alternating chills and sweats – these are just a few of the symptoms of malaria, which is deadly for thousands of South Sudanese each year without access to simple lifesaving treatment.

Using Film to Heal the Wounds of War in South Sudan

As butterflies flutter over the drainage pond at a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in South Sudan, Peter remembers those happier times when he and his family would take their cattle to the river for drinking.

Helping Vulnerable Migrants Return Home: Kebede’s Story

Kebede (name changed) was a student in Grade 11 in Wokru, Mekele, Ethiopia, when he began contemplating a journey to Europe in search of a better education to help him realize hi