Beatriz Muñoz

Rescued from a Sea of Sorrow

Maung Maung from Myanmar and Vuthy from Cambodia (names changed to protect their identities), though nationals of different countries, share a similar tale.


Floods and Landslides Follow drought in PNG Highlands

“Mama, I am hungry and thirsty; I want some water.”

“My child, go to bed and dream of water. Tomorrow when you wake up it will be there”.

Rescued from a Sea of Sorrow

“I was told I could make a lot of money working on a ship and that my family was going to be paid an advance of my salary even before I started working.” Muang Muang, Myanmar

He told me I will be working in Thailand on board a vessel for six months or maybe a year. I thought why not? I am young, strong, willing to work to support my family, want to see the world, broaden my horizons, and become someone with means; someone who made it in my village!” Vuthy, Cambodia