Daria Mokhnacheva

Human migration, environment and climate change

Environmental migration is a fact. Most countries experience some form of migration associated with environmental and climate change, or forced immobility for those populations that end up trapped.

Migration, human mobility, and loss and damage: are we ready for the next COP?

Pakistan © IOM/Chris Lom 2011 

By Daria Mokhnacheva

As country delegates, climate experts and observers gather in Warsaw for the 19th session of the Conference of the Parties this week, it is time to look back at the progress made over the past year on some of the most significant areas of work laid out at the last UNFCCC talks in Doha.

One of the achievements in Doha of foremost interest to migration and human mobility was the adoption [hyperlink to article in previous newsletter on Climate Change Agenda and L&D of a decision on loss and damage mentioning migration, displacement and human mobility (decision 3/CP.18, paragraph 7.a.(vi)) .