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Celebrate the Diversity that Unites Us

“My mother was her own Ellis Island,” Luis Torres says about his mother, a Salvadoran immigrant, who fled the civil war and found refuge in California in the 80’s.

Syrian Refugees Prepared to Confront Obstacles, Challenges Once in the U.S.

“When we finally crossed the border and got into the bus, I wanted the driver to move as fast as possible and to never stop. I didn’t turn back to look at my country, not even for one last time,” says Sham Al Ahmad as she describes the moment she crossed from Syria to Jordan.

#IHM2016: Celebrating Immigrants' Contributions in the United States

For many immigrants, the reasons for migrating to the United States can be similar, however each story is different and unique.

She Dreamt of Dubai, Ended Up Being Trafficked to Iraq

When Gwen* approached a job-placement agency in Nairobi, Kenya, she was promised a job in a hotel in Dubai. Instead she ended up in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).

Abused and Robbed African Migrants Return Home ‘Ashamed’

Niger - Francoise was convinced that she would have a better life if she had been in North Africa or Europe. She soon realized the reality was otherwise.

100,000 Bhutanese Refugees Resettled - First Family Recall Their Journey to the USA

United States - When they left Nepal in 2008, Pingala Dhital and her family thought that they would be living in Washington, D.C. It turned out that they were headed to Washington State – Spokane, to be exact.

Recipe Sharing Blog Raises Voices of Women Refugees in the U.S.

While many would view women's empowerment through accomplished and successful careers or their right to whether or not bear a child, Becky Allen has chosen to give voice to female refugees in the U

I Will Never See Airports the Same Way Ever Again

“Welcome to the United States!