Itayi Viriri

A Future Vision of Migrant Healthcare

Irish design consultancy, and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM)’s Future Vision of Migrant Healthcare concept has been nominated for a 'Collaborative Design' award and 'Public Choice Award' by Institute Designers Ireland (IDI) in this year’s Irish Design Awards.

“Get Rich or Die Trying”: A Perspective on Migration to Europe from West Africa

Several dozen thatched ochre painted chalets interspersed with lush green lawns, bright bougainvillea and shiny palm plants and a couple of swimming pools, line up along a pristine sandy beach.

I Didn’t Make it to Europe and I’m Fine With It

I suppose I am one of those who almost made it. You don’t hear much about migrants like me, because we didn’t die at sea or in the desert. We just didn’t make it to Europe. I left home with dream of getting to Europe where I was told I would easily find a job which would mean I would be able to look after my siblings.

Rear View Mirror: When Europeans sought refuge

“We never learn from history.”

How many times have you said, or heard someone else say that. As we witness unprecedented human mobility caused by raging conflicts in the Middle East and other parts of the world, abject poverty, human rights violations and persecution, we are sometimes quick to forget that we have witnessed this many times in our recent history plagued by global conflict.

The Names Behind the Statistics

By Itayi Viriri

Twenty Eight! That is how many people survived what may be the worst tragedy in living memory involving migrants crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa last weekend. The 28 migrants had been traveling on a wooden fishing boat carrying over 800 people when it capsized near Libya.

#MigrantsLivesMatter: Ali’s Journey

By Itayi Viriri 

Sicily - He just turned 14 years old and yet Ali immediately comes across a natural spokesperson for his family. It seems as if it is something he has been doing for some time now and is naturally expected of him.